Lindsay Lohan spotted in opticians

Lindsay Lohan spotted in opticians

By Emily Tait

Lindsay Lohan has been snapped in an optician"s clinic trying on sunglasses.

The Daily Star carried a photo of the actress in the Positive Eye Ons optician in Los Angeles.

Wearing a white dress, Ms Lohan was looking at herself in a mirror as she tried on several different frames.

Another sunglasses-wearing star to feature in the newspaper is singer Lady Gaga.

She was seen at the Hakkasan restaurant in London wearing black sunglasses as a complement to her distinctive outfit, which lacked trousers or a skirt but included a very wide hat.

The Daily Mail has also reported Black Eyed Peas singer and actress Fergie"s appearance yesterday in oversized sunglasses.

It compared them to the eyewear sported by Geordi La Forge in Star Trek.

Both sets of eyewear obscure the wearer"s eyes and have gold colouring.

Fergie matched her dark glasses with black jeans and a vest top, with even her hair darker than it has been.

by Alexa Kaczka

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