Implantable contact lenses "give new hope"

Implantable contact lenses "give new hope"

The availability of implantable contact lenses brings new hope to people who need vision correction, according to an expert.

Opthalmologist Dr Daniel Wilson, who works at the Shannon Clinic and Angelo Laser Eye Centre in Texas, told gosanangelo.com that the procedure allows people to "go to the beach or swim without having to worry about glasses or contact lenses".

He said that the lenses, which are made from a substance containing collagen called Collamer, correct vision better than laser eye surgery.

Implantable contact lenses are now available at the Angelo Laser Eye Centre in San Angelo, which is reportedly the first place in its part of the Concho Valley to offer the treatment.

Other experts at the centre are Dr Daniel Lui and Dr Matthew Goldman.

It also offers laser eye surgery and points out that this can treat short sight, far sight and astigmatism.

According to its statistics, more than a million laser eye surgery procedures are carried out every year.

by Emily Tait

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