Soft contact lenses "do not affect cornea measurements"

Soft contact lenses "do not affect cornea measurements"

Measurements of the cornea of the eye are not altered by wearing soft contact lenses on a long-term basis, it has been found.

OSN Super Site reported the findings from a study by Dr Anja Kissner, looking at contact lens wearing of periods from two to 32 years.

Looking at measurements such as central corneal thickness, the study showed that even wearing soft contact lenses for 32 years has no significant effect.

The researchers had also used a control group of people who had not ever worn contact lenses.

Giving the results at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology meeting, Dr Kissner stated: "Long-term soft contact lens wear seems not to alter the corneal biomechanical properties."

Two doctors from the New York Presbyterian Hospital recently warned contact lens wearers that they still need protection from the sun.

Drs Donald J D"Amico and Stephen Trokel said that people who wear contact lenses need sunglasses to block out harmful UV rays and also pointed out that warm summer winds can dry out their eyes if they are not protected.

by Martin Burns

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