Pharmacists urged to look out for eye health issues

Pharmacists urged to look out for eye health issues

A call has been made to pharmacists to stay on the lookout for modern eye health complaints.

Speaking to Chemist + Druggist, Association of Optometrists adviser Geoff Roberson urged pharmacists to talk to their customers about their lifestyles to try to find out what may be causing problems such as dry eyes.

Mr Roberson noted that pharmacists may be able to spot diabetes-related problems with the eye and that if diabetic people suffer vision problems such as blurring, they should be told to get an urgent check.

He also pointed out that people suffering from problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration may go to pharmacists, who should pass them to an optometrist if they suspect from symptoms that this may be the case.

Business unit manager of Alcon UK Chris Miller also told the publication that modern lifestyles, with use of computer screens, air conditioning and central heating are contributing to dry eyes.

Recently, the American Academy of Opthalmology gave advice such as caring properly for contact lenses and not smoking for eye health.

It also stressed the importance of protecting eyes when in the sun and playing sports.

by Emily Tait

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