Online game shows benefits of contact lenses

Online game shows benefits of contact lenses

By Martin Burns

An internet game has been established to encourage people to wear contact lenses.

Pearle Opticiens created the game, which can be played at thesteamyroom.be.

The game takes a light-hearted approach to the issue of glasses and contact lenses, inviting players to view footage of a changing room for either men or women.

Players get a glimpse of people changing through a pair of spectacles which constantly fog up because of the steam and need to be continually wiped using a "cloth" controlled by the mouse cursor.

The game makes its point by stating: "There are moments when it"s better to wear contacts."

Glasses, however, are used for another new game available for the Nintendo Wii console.

Data Design Interactive has announced that Battle Rage: The Robot Wars will be available in Europe from May 28th.

The game involves wearing stereoscopic glasses for special effects as players control robots in combat.

by Emily Tait

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