Patient tells of "piggyback" lens operation

Patient tells of "piggyback" lens operation

By Adrian Galbreth

The second person to have undergone the procedure to have "piggyback" lenses has told a newspaper her story.

Ann Edworthy told the Daily Mail about how she had had surgery to remove cataracts and have artificial lenses inserted into her eyes, but still needed to wear reading glasses.

But when her surgeon, Mohammed Muhtaseb, suggested the Sulcoflex Multi-focal piggyback lenses to her, which are placed on top of artificial lenses to work with them, she decided to try them, having the operation just before Christmas.

Her sight is now fully restored.

Dr Muhtaseb, consultant eye surgeon for the Queen Anne Street Medical Centre in London and Singleton Hospital in Swansea, explained that the piggyback lens is very thin and so can be placed in front of the other lens.

Recently, gosanangelo.com reported how implantable contact lenses are now available in San Angelo in Texas.

Patient Gina Munn underwent the operation at the Angelo Laser Eye Centre and proclaimed herself very satisfied.

by Alexa Kaczka

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