Contact lens firm plans to expand Indian market

Contact lens firm plans to expand Indian market

By Alexa Kaczka

Contact lens company Bausch & Lomb is hoping to capitalise on the untapped market in India.

In a three-step scheme, it intends to expand the market for contact lenses in the country, where less than five per cent of people who could wear lenses do so.

The plan involves giving training to optometrists in stores, giving the stores the right tone and adding counsellors, according to Indian publication Business Standard.

A branding strategy is planned to be implemented later on.

The publication explained that relatively few people in India wear contact lenses because they fear putting things into their eyes and optometrists are not equipped to persuade them otherwise.

It cited data from a study by Bausch & Lomb and AC Nielson which found that most opticians in stores found it hard to persuade someone to try contact lenses and thought training would assist.

Bausch & Lomb recently started two websites relating to surgical tools, giving information such as online quotes.

One is for instruments relating to ear, nose, throat and plastic surgery and the other is for ophthalmic purposes.

by Adrian Galbreth

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