Contact lenses "for sport lifestyle"

Contact lenses "for sport lifestyle"

Sporty types should consider contact lenses as a better alternative to wearing glasses on the pitch, a website advises.

People who wear glasses and enjoy sport should consider keeping a stock of daily disposable lenses, according to an expert.

Lifestyle website India Interacts said many people who partake in sport are often irritated by their glasses steaming up.

It recommended the daily disposable soft lens - such as 1 Day Acuvue Moist - as the "healthiest type of soft lens".

"These lenses are always sterile when inserted into the eyes as they are never kept overnight," the article said.

It went on to specifically recommend that rugby players, who "require good side vision in order to perform optimally", switch to full-time contact lenses - which can be bought cheaply over the internet.

Daily disposable contact lenses mean there is no need for cleaning and storing - they can be worn once and then conveniently thrown away and a new pair used the next day.

This can make wearing contacts more hygienic too, with less chance of eye infection.

by Martin Burns

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