Early detection of eye problems "important in children"

Early detection of eye problems "important in children"

An expert has spoken of the importance of detecting problems in sight early on in a child"s visual development.

Jeffrey Kenyon of the Michigan Optometric Association (MOA) said that children between six and 12 months go through the most "dramatic" development in their sight and said it is important to find any irregularities early to prevent serious problems later.

The MOA has established the InfantSEE initiative by which very young children"s eyes are tested for problems, even though they cannot answer optometrist"s questions.

Its figures show that one child in ten is at risk of having an eye or sight problem that has not been diagnosed.

In a related topic, a baby boy"s eye cancer was spotted after his mother took a photo of him on her camera phone.

Elizabeth Hale explained how she took some photographs of Thomas and discovered that his eyes looked unusual.

The camera glare showed light-sensitive cells in his eyes which were not otherwise visible.

Thomas was able to receive treatment and responded well.

by Alexa Kaczka

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