Eyeshadow primer "is a must-have"

Eyeshadow primer "is a must-have"

By Emily Tait

A basic makeup collection needs to include eyeshadow primer, one woman has stated.

Writing for the Nashville Beauty Examiner, Amanda Taran stressed the importance of primer to keep makeup on as the weather becomes warmer and listed eyeshadow primer has among the "must haves".

Mascara primer was also among her list of essentials.

Ms Taran said that using an eyeshadow primer would help to ensure "the richest pigment and shadow that lasts day to night" and also observed that using primer on the eyelashes helped boost the appearance of length and thickness.

The other primer she believes every woman needs is foundation primer.

Last week, Claudia Seitzinger of Berlin"s Yab Academy told DPA that makeup brushes need to be different for eyeshadow and eyebrows.

Eyeshadow needs softer brushes but brows require something more angled and harder, according to the expert.

In addition, she said that applying eyeshadow may require the use of more than one brush.

by Adrian Galbreth

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