Musicians" eye makeup analysed

Musicians" eye makeup analysed

By Emily Tait

Women wanting to get the same eye makeup looks as female musicians have been given help by Buzznet.

The publication looked at the sisters in the bands Meg and Dia and The Veronicas.

In the case of the latter group, Buzznet noted how sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso seem to wear pearly white eyeshadow to cover their eyelids all the way to their brows.

They are also wearing heavy black liquid eyeliner in a way that was described as "the classic cat eye".

Anyone wanting to emulate Meg and Dia was advised to use brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner if they have the same relatively dark colouring.

Paler or blonder women were told to try brown mascara and eyeliner instead.

Last week, Amanda Taran highlighted the need for eyeshadow primer in an article for the Nashville Beauty Examiner.

She said that this would help the makeup to last properly, adding that eyelash primer could also make lashes appear longer and thicker.

by Emily Tait

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