Summer eye safety tips given

Summer eye safety tips given

Eyecare tips have been given by the Wisconsin Optometric Association for use in the summer months.

Published by the New Richmond News, the recommendations included wearing wraparound sunglasses for fuller protection and opting for safety goggles made of polycarbonate, as this is the strongest substance.

Children and teenagers were reminded of the need to protect their young eyes, especially as they may spend more time in bright sunshine than their parents.

If someone suffers a puncture or cut injury to their eye, the eye should be lightly bandaged and not washed, with the patient taken straight to hospital.

The Minnesota Optometric Association has also released information on keeping eyes protected in the sun.

It said that sunglasses should block at least 99 per cent of the sun"s ultraviolet rays and warned that wide brimmed hats alone do not provide enough protection.

Sun lovers were warned of the risks of developing macular degeneration or cataracts if their eyes are overexposed to the sun.

by Alexa Kaczka

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