i-GO contact lenses "good for sports players"

i-GO contact lenses "good for sports players"

Sports players have been urged to try i-GO contact lenses, which are claimed to correct vision by being worn overnight.

According to the manager of The Eye Centre in Croydon, the i-GO contact lenses are recommended for people who take part in sports or athletics.

"These sports people take their game very seriously whatever it is and they don"t really want to be wearing sports glasses so they go for this i-GO treatment to help them out," he said.

He explained that sports players prefer not to have anything inside their eyes.

The manager also said that business for i-GO contact lenses has seen an improvement lately.

According to the maker, i-GO contact lenses are able to reshape the eye"s curvature while the wearer is asleep in order to improve vision during wakefulness.

People who are short-sighted up to a prescription of -5 with astigmatism of up to -1.5 are suitable to try the contact lenses.

by Martin Burns

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