Heroes actress tries on glasses

Heroes actress tries on glasses

By Emily Tait

Hayden Panettiere has been snapped in an optician"s clinic trying on a number of different glasses frames.

The Heroes actress was photographed wearing one set of heavy, dark frames while holding another in her hand.

She had taken an eye test in Los Angeles and went on to look at frames for glasses, slipping on several sets, according to the OSOYOU blog.

Ms Panettiere plays the character of Claire Bennett in the NBC show.

According to the Internet Movie Database, she has also appeared in other television programmes such as Ally McBeal, Malcolm in the Middle and The Guiding Light.

Recently, Evan Rachel Wood told the New York Daily News about her passion for heart-shaped glasses.

She said that fans often send them to her and admitted getting them was one reason why she revealed her love of the design.

Reportedly, Marilyn Manson wrote the song Heart Shaped Glasses in tribute to Ms Wood.

by Martin Burns

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