Lens choices outlined for cataracts

Lens choices outlined for cataracts

People with cataracts have been told of what sort of options exist for them.

In an article for WQAD, Lisa Brothers Arbisser explained that intraocular lenses (IOL) can be used to replace the lens which has become clouded with the cataract.

The Toric lens is a premium monofocal implant which can help people with astigmatism see better even if they do not wear glasses or contact lenses.

Blended monofocal lenses are for people who are farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other, giving them different correction in each one.

Dr Arbisser said that factors such as the nature of one"s eye and lifestyles would affect which IOL best suits a patient.

Recently, Clinton Gee of Alabama told WTVY.com about the contact lens he had implanted at the Southeast Eye Clinic in Dotham.

He had been classed as legally blind but 30 minutes after the surgery, he could see more clearly.

by Martin Burns

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