Japanese researcher working on "eye pod"

Japanese researcher working on "eye pod"

By Adrian Galbreth

Work is underway in Japan on an iPod device that can be controlled with the wearer"s eye movements.

The "eye pod" is the brainchild of Kazuhiro Taniguchi, according to AFP.

It is called Kome Kami Switch, or Temple Switch.

Mr Taniguchi explained that long blinks can be used to start and stop the device, while winking will skip tracks forward and back.

"You don"t have to worry about the system moving incorrectly as the system picks up signals when you close your eyes firmly. You can use this when you"re eating or chatting with someone," he told the news provider.

Meanwhile, a teenage girl in Essex may have had her life saved by her iPod during a thunderstorm.

Sophie Frost and her boyfriend Mason Billington, both 14, sheltered under a tree which was struck by lightning.

The current passed through her headphones, which she was not wearing, so that she suffered burns to her chest and stomach but was otherwise unharmed as the electricity was diverted away from her vital organs.

by Alexa Kaczka

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