Eye care scheme to be unveiled

Eye care scheme to be unveiled

By Martin Burns

People suffering from the recession are being targeted by an eye care scheme to be released soon.

Eyeplan will unveil its Eyeplan Complete programme in July, according to Optometry Today.

The scheme involves monthly payments for eyewear and eye care as well as accidental damage cover for glasses.

Commercial director for Eyeplan Chris Clemence said that the system would help to reward practices for providing eye care.

Eyeplan Complete will be unveiled on Independents Day on July 2nd at the National Motorcycle Museum.

There are already a number of options available from Eyeplan.

One of them, Eyeplan Contacts, is aimed at people who wear contact lenses.

Users of this scheme can get a customised package in order to make sure that they have their contact lens needs met.

This can be provided for people who wear lenses constantly or only some of the time.

In addition, it can also help with their glasses as well as their contact lenses.

by Emily Tait

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