Buying contact lenses online "saves money"

Buying contact lenses online "saves money"

By Alexa Kaczka

A contact lens wearer has written of how she saved money by buying her lenses over the internet.

In an article for Moneywise, Nathalie Bonney noted that she had saved £63 by buying her contact lenses online instead of at her local opticians.

She was offered a deal by the clinic that would give her discounts for postal delivery and checkups.

But Ms Bonney said that this would still work out as more expensive once the cost of the contact lenses themselves and an initial one-off fee of £49.50 were taken into account.

It would be cheaper to buy the contact lenses online and pay for her eye checks without being part of a price plan.

Sainsbury"s recently stopped selling contact lenses online.

A spokesperson told Optician Online that this is part of a "wide ranging review".

But the spokesperson said it is too soon to know whether it will bring the service back at a future point.

by Emily Tait

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