Contact lens wearers "should take care when removing makeup"

Contact lens wearers "should take care when removing makeup"

Certain kinds of eye makeup remover work better than others for contact lens wearers, according to a writer for the Examiner.

Ryan Scott emphasised that people who wear eye makeup - particularly waterproof eyeliner and mascara - need to take care to ensure that they remove it completely at the end of every day to avoid clogged tear ducts and eye infections.

He explained that a good eye makeup remover should remove all traces of the product from the eyelid in a "gentle clean sweep", as rubbing and scrubbing can damage the delicate eye area.

Products that have been tested for safety by opthamologists and dermatologists are the safest bets, he asserted.

Mr Scott also suggested that contact lens wearers may wish to opt for a remover developed for sensitive eyes, as they are less likely to sting.

US nonprofit healthcare firm Fairview advised that while contact lens wearers can use all types of cosmetics, it may be wiser to opt for water-based makeup products, rather than oil-based because oil can leave deposits on the surface of the lenses.

It also advised that facial creams and moisturisers should be applied at least "a finger"s width" away from the edges of each eye.

by Martin Burns

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