People "wearing others" contact lenses to save money"

People "wearing others" contact lenses to save money"

By Martin Burns

Britons are trying to save money by wearing other people"s contact lenses or putting off eye tests, a poll has discovered.

According to research commissioned by Aviva and carried out by Redshift, 13 per cent of people fix their glasses themselves in order to avoid paying to have them mended.

In addition, three per cent of those questioned admitted that they have worn another person"s contact lenses or dentures.

Chief medical officer at Aviva UK Health Dr Hugh Laing warned: "Avoiding medical treatment is a false economy - not to mention a risky prescription. Regular health checks can help identify issues before they become more serious or costly."

Scotland has outlined plans for making eye treatments more accessible.

The Scotsman reports how the Eye Pavilion in Lauriston could move its services out around communities to improve accessibility and reduce the waiting times.

It also hopes that this will encourage people to have their eye tests promptly.

by Martin Burns

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