Specialised contact lenses "may slow myopia in children"

Specialised contact lenses "may slow myopia in children"

By Adrian Galbreth

Special contact lenses may be able to slow down or stop short sightedness developing in children, according to new research.

A five-year clinical trial is underway with EyeVis Eye and the Vision Research Institute, funded by Bausch & Lomb and Euclid Technologies.

The first year of the Stabilisation of Myopia by Accelerated Reshaping Technique (SMART) study has yielded positive results.

About 300 children aged eight to 14 are participating in the trial, wearing contact lenses at night that are intended to alter the shape of their corneas.

One of the principal investigators, Dr Robert Davis, has said that the SMART study is so far giving "very exciting" results.

Last month, a study found that girls who wear contact lenses enjoy a bigger boost to their self confidence than boys.

The study"s co-author, Mitchell J Prinstein PhD of the University of North Carolina, said that girls are especially at risk of "social and psychological distress" as they enter adolescence.

by Martin Burns

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