Glasses "need professional maintenance"

Glasses "need professional maintenance"

Wearers of glasses instead of, or as well as, contact lenses have been warned against DIY jobs at fixing their frames.

According to online optics provider Ciliary Blue, amateur jobs at repairing broken spectacles can lead to the frames looking silly, not being worn or needing more professional assistance.

Ciliary Blue reported that it has seen frames held together with fishing fly, chewing gum, paperclips and earrings.

Some people attempt soldering but the firm said that this can make "useless lumps" of frames.

People were also warned that elastic bands can snap, paper clips do not work and that the butterfly from a stud earring will not work like a proper screw.

Most opticians will undertake small repairs of frames free of charge or for a small donation to their chosen charity.

by Alexa Kaczka

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