Preventative measures improve contact lens comfort

Preventative measures improve contact lens comfort

An eye care firm in the US has seen satisfaction with contact lenses increase since it brought in a new focus for care.

Colorado-based Fort Collins Eye Doctors - Dr Kisling has started concentrating on preventative eye health and improving moisture within the eyes.

Since then, patients who wear contact lenses have reported greater comfort and satisfaction from relief of problems such as dry eyes.

In a statement, the clinic said that advances have been made in contact lens technology and eye care.

This, it said, has made it possible to fit contact lenses for people who had previously found them uncomfortable or been unable to wear them.

Contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb recently joined UK celebrities to devise an eye health guide.

One helper for the Eye Spy publication is celebrity chef Aldo Zilli.

He offered a number of recipes that contain foods with eye health-boosting nutrients in them.

by Martin Burns

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