Advice given on eye protection

Advice given on eye protection

By Martin Burns

People looking to be in the sun this summer have been reminded to protect their eyes.

The Baltimore Sun told readers that sun can damage eyes as well as skin and urged them to take the necessary precautions.

It recommended wearing wraparound sunglasses for the best possible protection as well as looking stylish.

Hats can also help to protect eyes as well as the skin of the face.

Dr Miriam Stoppard recently used a Daily Mirror blog post to remind people to wear sunglasses over the brighter months.

She said that sunglasses should offer 100 per cent UV ray protection and have the British Standards Kitemark or the European CE mark.

Dr Stoppard warned people that cheap glasses bought in markets may not be protective enough, although British shops are required by law to ensure their sunglasses meet certain standards.

Anyone thinking of buying their sunglasses abroad was also told that countries overseas may not have the UK"s standards for protection.

by Emily Tait

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