Glitter eyeshadow "should be fun"

Glitter eyeshadow "should be fun"

By Emily Tait

Glittery eyeshadow works best when not taken too seriously, a makeup expert has said.

Regina Harris told Erin Flaherty of The Frisky that she frequently wears glitter on her eyelids.

But she said the key to pulling it off in reality rather than on a fashion photo shoot is to take a fun approach to it.

"I"ll just dip my finger in the pot and smudge it around a bit," Ms Harris explained.

Wearers also do not need to worry about staying power, as glitter is very good at remaining in place.

For other types of eyeshadow that may fall on to the rest of the face while applying, help has been given on examiner.com by Rebecca Markus.

She explained a trick used by make-up artists to help clear away any excess powder.

Face powder should be applied heavily to the area above the cheekbones and beneath the eyes before eyeshadow is applied.

If any falls on the powdered skin, both the powder and the shadow can be easily removed using a makeup brush.

by Emily Tait

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