Golfer comeback delayed from eye trouble

Golfer comeback delayed from eye trouble

By Martin Burns

A golfer is missing the US PGA Championship due to problems with his eye.

Robert Karlsson was the European number one last year but has been ordered by his doctor to stay away longer.

He is suffering from retinitis, which means he has a blister behind his left retina.

As a result, his vision is blurred.

The Swede"s balance is also affected by the condition, which was initially believed to be an infection of his inner ear.

Mr Karlsson does not know when he can return to his game.

"I"m taking it week by week," he said.

The condition could take several months to clear up.

According to his official profile for PGA Tour, Mr Karlsson has been a professional player since 1989.

He has a driving accuracy percentage of 54.62 per cent and a putting average of 1.781.

Mr Karlsson also came 14th in the Shell Houston Open this year.

by Alexa Kaczka

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