"Wink glasses" encourage alertness

"Wink glasses" encourage alertness

There are times when it"s just too hard to stay awake, but it"s important to do so, well there are now glasses designed to help keep people focused by analysing their blinking.

The Wink Glasses, created by Masunaga Optical Manufacturing in Japan, powered by USB charging, the glasses work by fogging a lens if the wearer goes for five seconds without blinking.

The focus required by the other eye helps to bring the person back into a more alert state of mind.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has spoken to Stephen Kurtin about his invention of glasses that can have their focus altered.

Dr Kurtin"s spectacles have an adjustable focus that can be used to concentrate on something at a distance or up close.

He told the paper: "For more than 140 years, adjustable focus has been recognised as the Holy Grail for presbyopes."

But he added that it is "a blazingly difficult problem".

Dr Kurtin believes that almost two billion people worldwide could benefit from his invention, which makes use of a small slider on the frame to adjust the focus.

by Adrian Galbreth

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