Rules for cleaning lenses: How, what, why and when

Rules for cleaning lenses: How, what, why and when

No matter what kind of contact lenses you wear - whether they are monthly, extended wear or even daily lenses - it is important to ensure eye care practitioners" instructions about cleaning and disinfecting them are followed closely.

It"s worth asking yourself the following "How, what, Why and When" of contact lens cleaning, that way you can ensure you have the best - and safest - contact lens wearing experience.

Each variety of lens will have a set of specific instructions about how to rub them, or how not to rub them in some cases, how long to soak them in their solution and the period of time to rinse them after soaking.

However, some general guidelines should be followed for all types of lenses.

Always wash your hands before removing or inserting the lens. Always use quality lens care products and try to clean lenses as often as possible to remove buildup,.

Meanwhile, an article on regional web resource IndiaInteracts suggests opticians take a number of factors into consideration with regard to choosing the correct contact lenses for customers.

These include lifestyle, corneal curvature and allergies.

by Adrian Galbreth

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