"Always use appropriate eyewear for sport"

"Always use appropriate eyewear for sport"

The importance of wearing the correct eyewear when participating in sport has been noted by the Tehran Times.

It reported statistics showing that only 15 per cent of children wear suitable eye protection for sporting activities.

In addition, 72 per cent of eye injuries related to sport are received by those 25 years old or younger, said chief executive officer and president of prevent Blindness America, Hugh R Parry.

"We strongly support all efforts to ensure that children use appropriate safety eyewear for every sport in which they participate," he added.

Contact sports or sports that use balls, rackets or sticks have a high risk for blunt trauma eye injuries. This type of injury can be minor (a black eye) or serious (fractures of the facial bones, a ruptured eyeball). Using eye protection for your sport is the best way to avoid these injuries.

Contact lens wearers who participate in sport regularly may find that - although they may need other, more protective eyewear - daily disposable lenses can be convenient and easy to use for sport.

Daily disposable lens brands include 1 Day Acuvue and SofLens Daily Disposables.

by Martin Burns

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