Cat"s eyes come in for autumn

 Cat"s eyes come in for autumn

By Emily Tait

A retro, catlike tone for eye makeup is being reported as one of the coming trends for next season.

Writing for the Examiner, Kelly Kirby said that celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Sophia Loren have been spotted wearing the 1950s and 60s inspired cats" eyes look.

She suggested that women who want to emulate the fashion use a magnifying mirror that stands on its own and carefully apply eyeliner as close to their lash lines as possible.

It may also help to rest the elbow on a flat surface to keep one"s hand steady.

She even recommended using a credit card to help trace the "wing" of the eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye.

Another recent Examiner article, this time by Rebecca Markus, warns that eye makeup is the quickest kind to go off once it has been opened.

She recommended replacing mascara every three months

Any makeup that was used while suffering from an eye infection should be discarded.

by Martin Burns

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