Actress speaks of contact lens use

Actress speaks of contact lens use

An actress has spoken about how she use to wear contact lenses.

Marion Fenner, who appeared in the BBC show Torchwood, told WalesOnline that she used contact lenses prior to being diagnosed with cataracts, a result of her type 1 diabetes.

Now that she has had an operation, she no longer needs contact lenses.

But Ms Fenner has joined a call made by Diabetes UK Cymru to highlight awareness of diabetes and the effect it can have on eyesight.

Dai Williams, national director of Diabetes UK Cymru, urged diabetic people to have regular eye tests and retinopathy screening.

He stated: "It is vital that people with the condition understand the link between diabetes and eye problems."

According to Diabetes UK, diabetes is the largest cause of blindness in working-age people in the UK.

However, taking action such as maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure, not smoking and getting enough exercise can help to reduce the risk of developing such complications through diabetes.

by Adrian Galbreth

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