Well-fitting glasses "give youthful look"

Well-fitting glasses "give youthful look"

Wearing glasses properly can help to give a person a youthful appearance.

This is the claim made in the London Free Press by body language expert Patti Wood.

Speaking to Joanne Richard, she also offered a number of ways to come across as energetic and enthusiastic in the way one speaks and behaves.

She suggested wearing stylish glasses that have a good fit.

"Keep them high on your face to reveal your eyes," Ms Richard told her readers.

In addition, when meeting someone, one should make eye contact and smile.

Recently, the Examiner reported that maintaining good eye contact with people is essential to being an effective flirt.

Writer Stacy Cashiola explained that making eye contact with people demonstrates confidence.

She warned against staring hard at someone but suggested tilting one"s head and keeping eye contact to show that one is taking an interest in what the other person is saying.

by Martin Burns

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