Buy contact lenses online "for savings"

Buy contact lenses online "for savings"

People who wear contact lenses can save money if they buy them over the internet, according to research.

Chiara Cavaglieri reported in the Independent that online retailers of contact lenses offer better deals for consumers.

Matt Clear of consumer watchdog Which? told the paper: "Generally, what we"ve found is that it is cheaper to buy online."

Consumers were also advised to buy larger quantities of contact lenses online, such as a year"s supply, as this will save the most money.

However, people should not buy more than this as their prescription may change in the meantime.

Online contact lens sellers can offer lower prices because they buy in bulk from warehouses.

They also have fewer costs as they are not paying for expenditures such as opticians" salaries.

Which? stresses the importance of having check-ups for contact lenses and offers advice on the matters which should be covered during such an appointment.

Patients should have their vision assessed to see whether their contact lenses are the right prescription and fit.

Their history of wearing contact lenses should also be looked at.

by Adrian Galbreth

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