Eyelash technology "suitable for contact lens wearers"

Eyelash technology "suitable for contact lens wearers"

Contact lens wearers have been told that they can take advantage of a new eyelash technology.

The Polish News reports the availability of neuLash, a conditioner for eyebrows and lashes, in eleven stores across the US.

Reportedly, the treatment can help keep lashes and brows hydrated and strong, in the same way more conventional conditioners can for head hair.

"It can be used by those who have eyelash extensions and contact lenses," the publication stated.

The product was developed by Skin Research Laboratories and is distributed by Mosaic Marketing Partners.

It is applied once a day before going to sleep and a 6ml bottle should last for three months.

In a related article, it has been reported that L"Oreal scientists based in Paris have developed a treatment which they say can cause eyelashes to grow longer.

The serum works by increasing the growing time of eyelashes, allowing them to reach greater lengths and meaning more lashes can be grown.

by Adrian Galbreth

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