Optometrist marvels at contact lens advancements

Optometrist marvels at contact lens advancements

The advancement of contact lens technology has been recognised by an optometrist.

Dr James Moores, who took over an optometry clinic 25 years ago, told the Amherst Daily News that he was astonished by how far contact lenses have come since he began working.

"If someone had mentioned in 1984 that you could put a contact lens on your eye and that night throw it in the garbage I would have said you"re full of beans. Now disposable contacts have taken over," he said.

Dr Moores also noted that technological advances that have been made in other fields, such as laser eye and cataract surgery.

Chiara Cavaglieri recently used an Independent article to suggest that wearers of daily disposable lenses buy them online in bulk in order to make significant cost savings.

But she warned not to buy more than a year"s worth, as one"s prescription can change over time.

by Adrian Galbreth

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