Actress wears contact lenses to play vampire

Actress wears contact lenses to play vampire

By Emily Tait

Dakota Fanning wore red contact lenses for her new role as a vampire, according to reports.

In an interview with People, Chris Weitz made the revelation about how she got into character.

The director of New Moon, sequel to vampire film Twilight, explained that the 15-year-old wore contact lenses which had been hand painted red to get the right look for her part as a vampire named Jane.

Mr Weitz said that he wanted the vampires to be both "magnificently scary" and "very elegant".

He added that Dakota is "very strange and spooky in this movie" and also noted that she had enjoyed playing a darker role to the ones for which she is better known.

Twilight tells the story of a vampire and a human who fall in love and is based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer.

It was directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

by Adrian Galbreth

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