Botched surgery victim urges use of contact lenses

Botched surgery victim urges use of contact lenses

A victim of a failed operation to change the colour of her eyes has told people to use contact lenses instead.

Shenise Farrell made the statement after she had surgery in Panama to make her brown eyes blue using implants.

According to the London Informer, Ms Farrell was left with a hole in her iris when the surgery failed and had to have a further operation at Charing Cross Hospital to save her sight.

She now has a higher chance of getting glaucoma when she is older and has to wear spectacles, though she has her vision back.

Recalling her terror of going blind, Ms Farrell stated: "I"d say to anyone considering having coloured implants not to do it - just wear contact lenses because it"s not worth the risk of losing your eye sight."

One famous fan of coloured contact lenses is Amber Rose.

The model recently appeared in public wearing light blue contact lenses in contrast to her naturally dark colouring.

by Emily Tait

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