Soft contact lenses "good for myopia"

Soft contact lenses "good for myopia"

People who suffer from myopia (short-sightedness) often do well with soft contact lenses.

This is the assertion made by Examiner.com writer Dr Ella Faktorovich.

She said that people often start to wear contact lenses when they are teenagers.

"Most myopes do well with soft contact lenses," she noted.

Hard gas permeable contact lenses are another option.

Dr Faktorovich reiterated the importance of maintaining proper hygiene when caring for contact lenses and not wearing them to sleep in.

She also wrote about corneal refractive therapy, a newer treatment in which patients wear contact lenses overnight to change the shape of their corneas, thus correcting their vision temporarily over the next day.

This approach, however, will not be suitable for everyone.

According to the Royal National Institute for the Blind, myopia may run in families.

It may be treated by laser surgery but the charity says that the long-term effects of this procedure are still unknown.

by Martin Burns

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