Screens "do not damage eyes"

Screens "do not damage eyes"

People who spend a lot of time looking at screens on items such as computers and mobile phones are not doing their eyes permanent damage.

This is according to a report in the London Evening Standard by Sophie Goodchild, who spoke to optometrist Brian Tompkins about the issue.

But she explained that looking at screens for prolonged periods could cause undetected eye problems to surface.

People in their 20s are especially vulnerable.

Mr Tompkins suggested that people make sure they blink every time they strike the enter key, explaining that it is possible to forget to blink while concentrating.

Workers can also reduce eye strain by looking into the distance and taking regular breaks, while regular eye check ups are essential.

According to website avoideyestrain.com, computer screens should be slightly below eye level to help look at it from a more natural angle, as looking up strains the eyes more.

by Adrian Galbreth

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