Warning given to discard outdated eye makeup

Warning given to discard outdated eye makeup

The health hazards of using outdated cosmetics on the eyes have been highlighted by a research firm.

Mintel discovered that only 28 per cent of women in Britain get rid of makeup if it discolours, but products are not safe to use once they expire.

Senior beauty analyst for the firm Alexandra Richmond explained that using outdated cosmetics such as mascara or eyeliner pencil could be increasing their chances of getting an eye infection.

"Like food, cosmetics can expire and become dangerous to use – there may be far more lurking at the bottom of your make-up bag than an old dried up mascara," she warned.

Meanwhile, soul singer Beverley Knight has called for greater attention to be paid by the beauty industry to black women.

She urged the media to give more makeup tips for those with darker skin and suggested ways for black women to make up their eyes.

According to Ms Knight, creating the "smoky eye" look on black skin involves using a dense eyeshadow with a "very concentrated consistency".

by Adrian Galbreth

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