Buyout could save contact lens jobs

Buyout could save contact lens jobs

By Martin Burns

Hundreds of jobs at a contact lens plant in Scotland could be rescued in a takeover or buyout.

Labour MSP George Foulkes presented the possibility to the Scottish Government and said that Scottish Enterprise is considering it.

He stated: "It is absolutely vital to keep jobs for the 500 people in West Lothian, who everyone agrees are a skilled and dedicated workforce producing a quality product in a highly profitable market."

The Bausch & Lomb contact lens manufacturing site has been based in Livingston since 1996 but a phased closure is planned, which would leave 500 people out of work.

Lord Foulkes" interaction may bring hope to staff, as recently it was stated that the job cuts would go ahead after the government could not help it find an alternative.

Finance secretary John Swinney met Bausch & Lomb bosses on the matter.

He later told the BBC that the government and firm had to continue looking at any other "business opportunities" that there might be.

by Adrian Galbreth

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