Mascara "can help revamp one"s look"

Mascara "can help revamp one"s look"

By Emily Tait

Women looking for ways to change their style have been advised to make proper use of eye makeup.

In an article for the Times, Hannah Rochell urged those looking for a "killer wardrobe" to make the most of their eyes.

Pablo Rodriguez of Mac Cosmetics told her that dark eyes are in fashion for this winter.

He suggested using a cream-coloured shadow in a medium tone as the base and blend it at the edges with a darker hue.

Finally, two coats of mascara should be applied.

Jamie Walden recently wrote in UAB Kaleidoscope that women opting for dark eye makeup should differentiate between "smoky and skanky".

She said that black should not be applied too heavily and shimmery shadows do not look attractive when used over the brow bone.

Women who are applying jewel tones such as turquoise were urged to be sparing with them and not to put on a lot of colour elsewhere.

by Emily Tait

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