Special effects contact lenses "popular for Halloween"

Special effects contact lenses "popular for Halloween"

By Emily Tait

Contact lenses which drastically change the wearer"s appearance are a popular option for Halloween.

This is the statement of Jennifer Harvey, communications manager for Coastal Contacts.

Explaining that Halloween is "one of the busiest times of the year", she explained that special effects contact lenses have been used increasingly in films, which has helped to drive their popularity in recent years.

Ms Harvey said that the vampire movie Twilight has prompted demand for purple or blood-red eyes, or amber ones like the lead character Edward"s.

She pointed out that eyes are an important feature for a vampire and that people wishing to emulate their favourite characters from the film or book would want to optimise theirs to look the part.

It is not unusual for actors to have to wear contact lenses for their roles.

They have been used in films including X Men and Harry Potter.

Sienna Miller also wore them for her role in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra.

by Emily Tait

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