Eye tests "can uncover other health problems"

Eye tests "can uncover other health problems"

People who have regular eye tests are more likely to find out if they have a condition related to other aspects of their health.

Explaining the importance of checkups to WKOW 27, Dr Suzanne Bellante said that a host of other ailments apart from vision problems can be detected in an eye exam.

As the eye blood vessels are the smallest in the body, any sign of narrowing or bleeding could be an indication of another problem.

Dr Bellante said that high cholesterol or blood pressure as well as diabetes might be found from looking closely at the eye.

Lorraine Fisher recently used a Daily Mail article to urge men to look at their eyes for signs of ill health.

She spoke to Dr Cornel Fleming, who said that a white ring around the iris could be a symptom of high cholesterol.

"It"s not huge, but it"s pretty obvious if you look for it," he stated.

by Emily Tait

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