Japan sees trend for decorated contact lens cases

Japan sees trend for decorated contact lens cases

Contact lens wearers in Japan are increasingly turning to decorating the cases used to store and disinfect the products.

Steve Levenstein reported the trend on inventorspot, citing Tokyo Kawaii TV.

He explained that people can buy "decokits" to cover their contact lens cases with charms and tiny baubles to create a unique style, pasting them on with glue guns.

Those who do not want to spend time making their own can buy ready-decorated ones, either online or in Tokyo stores.

Mr Levenstein described it as part of a "relentless drive to make anything and everything cute" by designers and fashionistas in Japan.

An earlier article on the same blog, Mr Levenstein reported another contact lens trend.

This was contact lenses designed to make the eyes look like those of an anime character, with especially wide irises and strong colouring.

Although they are cosmetic contact lenses, they can be made to fit a prescription.

by Adrian Galbreth

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