Elderly told to keep glasses frames

Elderly told to keep glasses frames

Many older people in Briton are wasting money by buying new frames for their glasses when they do not need to.

This is the warning given by Ciliary Blue, which pointed out that people over 60 need to change their prescription more often than any other age group.

However, many of them think that when they need new lenses for their glasses, they also have to change the frames.

As a result, many of them spend more than is necessary on correcting their eyesight.

"The high street chains want us to think that a new prescription means new glasses, but that"s not the case," explained Ciliary Blue lab manager Chris Tomlinson.

He encouraged people to ask about having new lenses put into their existing frames.

Recently, Ciliary Blue reported that Britons throw away an estimated 1.4 billion contact lenses on an annual basis.

It gathered the statistic by using data from the Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers.

by Martin Burns

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