Contact lenses can correct astigmatism

Contact lenses can correct astigmatism

People who suffer from astigmatism have been reminded that they could wear contact lenses to get proper sight.

Writing for 24Medica, Adrian Wozniak gave an account of astigmatism and reiterated to sufferers that contact lenses are a possible solution.

He explained that contact lenses redirect light entering the eye in order to project the correct image on the retina.

Glasses and laser vision are other ways of solving the common eye problem.

Astigmatism is when the eye has a curve, usually in the cornea, that distorts the images being seen by it.

BBC Health has produced a report on astigmatism, explaining that astigmatics" eyes are the wrong shape and look more like spoons than balls.

It is not known what causes the condition but certain factors, such as genes and environment, may play their part.

Most people have the condition to at least a small degree but if it is not too serious, the eye can adjust to correct the image.

by Alexa Kaczka

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