Children "can wear contact lenses"

Children "can wear contact lenses"

By Alexa Kaczka

A hospital eye clinic has issued a statement to refute certain myths about eyes.

The Vision Centre at the Children"s Hospital in Los Angeles said that it is not true that only adults can safely use contact lenses.

While adults may need to help take the contact lenses in and out and clean them if the child is under ten, the clinic said that it is still safe for youngsters to use them as long as the correct hygiene procedures are followed.

Dr Mark Borchert of the eye centre pointed out that even infants may be given contact lenses if they have had a serious eye ailment or surgery.

"If [children] make their own bed and shower on their own, they can probably safely handle their contact lenses," he said.

Acuvue has also stated that children can wear contact lenses.

It points out that youngsters can enjoy benefits to their self-esteem by using them.

by Emily Tait

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