Infection can damage eye "within hours"

Infection can damage eye "within hours"

People who wear contact lenses should ensure they handle and store them in a hygienic way to prevent infection.

WCTV website described the effects of passing a micro-organism from dirty hands or contact lens case as potentially devastating to sight.

Bacteria on the lens could penetrate the eye within hours and cause a corneal ulcer, which in turn could lead to blindness if it is not caught early enough.

"Doctors say if the micro-organisms are on the contact they "jump" from the lens onto your eye and they"ll set up a colony and grow," the website noted.

It said experts recommend those who wear contact lenses should always wash their hands before handling their lenses and clean the case every day with warm water.

In addition, the case should be replaced with a new one every two months.

by Alexa Kaczka

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