Safety threats for blind people outlined

Safety threats for blind people outlined

By Martin Burns

A charity for rights for blind and partially sighted people has called for action on making urban spaces safer.

The National Federation of the Blind in the United Kingdom (NFB UK) cited bad planning for inner cities as one peril for people who cannot see.

It pointed out that shared surfaces, by which pedestrians and drivers need to look at each other, are dangerous for blind and partially sighted people.

People who use their hearing to tell whether it is safe to cross the road are also endangered by quieter hybrid and electric vehicles.

NFB UK urged city planners and policy makers to contact it as it said that it has solutions to the problems.

The charity and the European Blind Union expressed support for environmentally-friendly technology but urged that it needs to be safe for all people as well.

NFB UK has its headquarters in Wakefield and has the registered charity number 236629.

by Adrian Galbreth

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